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Best Photo Editor Apps for Android & iOS – Today everyone uses smartphone to take a photo(picture) & we spend extra time for shine his photo before sharing with the friends and family. There are many Android apps in the PlayStore and iOS that will

Best Video Converter Apps for Android 2018 – Today many Android phones come good quality camera and capable of shooting 4K or full HD videos in great quality. But to create an eye-catching video you need the best video converter app that makes your video

In this tutorial, you will learn to add links in text/content in android application using linkify. You can add links in text like email address, website url. You can add html tag to make text clickable with links i.e. <a>Android Tutorial</a>. Related: How to

Previously we had posted some posts like simple android contact form, material design login screen XML ui design, material design sign up/registration for android, floating label for android using design support library etc. In this tutorial, you will learn to show and hide edittext password

Metaverse is an splendid platform that allows yous to usage interactive learning experiences using the ability of AR technology. The procedure is uncomplicated together with slow together with no coding cognition is required. Using Metaverse Studio yous volition endure able to forthwith get-go creating diverse

Here is a really proficient Google Forms resource nosotros discovered through @Google For Education. This is basically a presentation comprising 52 slides each of these slides features a Google Forms tip shared  past times a instructor or educator on Twitter. Teachers are asked to usage

In this tutorial, you will learn to implement an effective and user friendly share action to android app. You can add android share action anywhere in your app. Here I have added share action in actionbar/toolbar and on button’s click event. If user clicks the

Quick Capture is a smashing Chrome extension yous tin purpose to get got screenshots of your electrical flow page. We get got been experimenting alongside it for awhile at nowadays together with nosotros constitute it agency ameliorate than the other tools nosotros get got been

When it comes to accessibility features Chrome spider web browser does non genuinely offering much. Chromebook, inwards contrast, comes amongst a bunch of interesting accessibility features that you lot tin easily plow on. This conduct from Chromebook Help shows you lot how to access in