Android Fragments Tutorial Alongside Example

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A fragment is a role of an action which enables to a greater extent than modular action design. It represents a detail functioning or interface running inside a large activity. Fragments are embedded inside activities, fragments are non independent entities; they are subservient to a unmarried action too fragments were added to the android API version eleven (Honeycomb). In this tutorial, y’all volition acquire to brand too implement fragment inward your android application.

This event projection of this tutorial volition consist of a unmarried action too 3 fragments. Each fragments incorporate an TextView. Two fragments are vertically placed too 1 is horizontally.

Android Linear ListView Example
Android ListView amongst Image too Text
Android GridView amongst Image too Text

Android Example: How to Create Android Application amongst Fragments

Let’s starting fourth dimension past times creating novel android projection called Android Fragment Example. You take away to utilization 3 XML layout file too 3 coffee file.

Create 3 XML layout file fragment_layout1.xml, fragment_layout2.xml, fragment_layout3.xml amongst TextView too amongst unlike background color too text inward text view. Following is the content of unlike XML layout file.




Now y’all take away to utilization 3 coffee files,, too extend them to Fragment too override onCreateView therefore supply inflater to the XML layout file. Following is the consummate coffee code of these 3 file.




Open your primary XML layout file too add together 3 fragment amongst android:name=”com.viralandroid.androidfragmenttutorial.Fragment1″, android:name=”com.viralandroid.androidfragmenttutorial.Fragment2″ too android:name=”com.viralandroid.androidfragmenttutorial.Fragment3″. Following is the consummate content of activity_main.xml file.


Your primary coffee action file volition await similar this.


A fragment is a role of an action which enables to a greater extent than modular action blueprint Android Fragments Tutorial amongst Example

Now, piece of employment your Android Fragments Tutorial amongst Example application, y’all volition run into the content of unlike fragment inward a unmarried activity. First 2 fragments are vertical too 3rd fragment is horizontal which volition await similar higher upward screenshot.