Previously we had posted some posts like simple android contact form, material design login screen XML ui design, material design sign up/registration for android, floating label for android using design support library etc. In this tutorial, you will learn to show and hide edittext password

In this tutorial, you will learn to implement an effective and user friendly share action to android app. You can add android share action anywhere in your app. Here I have added share action in actionbar/toolbar and on button’s click event. If user clicks the

In this tutorial, you will learn to hide and show Toolbar/AppBarLayout while scrolling the content/screen like Google play music, play store. If your application/game requires more space then you can hide toolbar on scroll. You can also do same thing for TabLayout also if you

In this tutorial you will learn to create a custom listview android application with images and text in each list item. To display image, topic, and description in ListView we have to create a new XML file in res/layout folder and add ImageView and TextView.

A Gallery is an android widget that helps us to display items (images) in horizontal scrolling list and currently selected item at the center. In this android gallery view tutorial, you will learn to display images horizontally and when you click any image, the currently

PopupWindow is used to show quick information or to get information from users. Popup windows have their own layout and there are different types of popup windows. We have already posted some tutorial posts like simple android alert dialog box example, toast message example, material

In this tutorial, you will learn to display rating bar in android application. RatingBar helps users to give rate by drag, touch and click on the stars. In android, using RatingBar it’s very easy to get user rating. Here, I have used a rating bar,

AdMob is one of the most popular, high paying and world’s largest mobile advertising networks. AdMob is multi platform mobile advertising network that allows you to monetize from your android, iPhone, iOS, windows and others mobile application and game. If you’ve published a free app

Android GridView is a ViewGroup which is used to display stuff in a two dimensional grid. GridView is scrolling if there are many items to fit on the screen. Displaying images and text in android gridview is not so difficult. There are many ways to