Circular Android Imageview Alongside Edge Color

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In this tutorial, you lot volition larn to brand round off android imageview amongst edge color. ImageView widget is used to display images or icons inward android application. To display icon inward android, you lot tin role android.widget.ImageView shape too android provides Bitmap shape to handgrip image, which is flora inward

There are many ways to display too brand round off images inward android too hither I am going to demo you lot 1 of the best too uncomplicated ways. Here, I convey used Bitmap, BitmapFactory, RoundedBitmapDrawable, RoundedBitmapDrawableFactory, etc.

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Android Example: How to Make Circular ImageView inward Android

Create a novel android projection too opened upwards your app XML layout file. Add an ImageView within RelativeLayout or whatsoever other android layout too give it too id. Following is the consummate content of XML layout file.


Now opened upwards your coffee activeness file too define the variable for Bitmap, ImageView, RelativeLayout, Resources, too Context. Following is the consummate code of coffee activeness file. You tin re-create too glue it inward your projection coffee activeness file.


 you lot volition larn to brand round off android imageview amongst edge color Circular Android ImageView amongst Border Color

That’s all. Run your Circular Android ImageView amongst Border Color application, you lot volition run across the round off icon amongst edge color. This is a uncomplicated illustration of round off icon view, you lot tin give your ain await too implement it inward your application.