DriverGuide Toolkit v2.0 + Serial

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A very disregarded and yet extremely important part of your computer is represented by drivers. Their purpose is that of controlling a particular type of device that is attached to your computer. The good thing is that you do not have to install the drivers for all hardware components installed on your computer as the operating system incorporates a large part of them.
With the new OS from Microsoft, it has been awfully difficult to find matching drivers for your hardware components. It seemed as if manufacturers were taken by surprise and did not have the necessary time to adapt the software components for the hardware. Fortunately, things have settled and this problem is less and less of a thorn.
Although not too many users care about having the latest drivers installed, renovating the list is quite beneficial for your computer as operating system features are taken advantage of and issues are being fixed. I generally forget to take care of this aspect and remember only when I need to install a device all over again.
Windows will update the drivers that come bundled in it, but that is not enough as OS will not incorporate drivers for all hardware you want to install. Fortunately, there are specialized softwares that can take care of that.
DriverGuide Toolkit is one of them. The moment the application is launched, it’ll immediately start retrieving information on your system and display all the drivers and devices it detects. I have to say that the list is impressive and I could not find a driver on my computer that was not listed by the software.
The choices in My Drives drop down menu allow viewing all the drivers detected on your computer and hiding/showing Microsoft drivers. The title of the menu will show the number of drivers detected on the computer. Unfortunately, the software takes its time when retrieving the list.
In the lower part of driver list, there is the Device Information tab providing details on the selected item. You will be shown info about hardware ID, manufacturer, version number, driver size, date of driver release, class, device ID, location information etc.
System Information tab provides details on BIOS, IDE Controller, Motherboard, Processor, System Cache and Temperature Probe. If Device Information tab is open, when clicking anywhere inside System Information window DriverGuide Toolkit will crash and close automatically. The issue is present both under Vista and XP.
As DriverGuide Toolkit has network capabilities, you can use the application to connect and disconnect from remote computers and work with the program as if Toolkit were installed remotely. However, this feature is not supported under Vista and XP Home Edition. Applied to XP Pro edition, the function allows you to retrieve all the information on both drivers and system as if it had the software installed.
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