Fade Out Animation Inward Android

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In this tutorial, you lot volition larn to brand fade out animation inwards android application. In android, at that topographic point are many possible ways to brand fade out animation amongst xml as well as coffee as well as hither I convey used alpha tag as well as it is 1 the slow as well as close used ways of making animation. For the fade out animation using alpha tag you lot convey to practise an anim folder inwards your res directory.

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Fade Out Animation Example: How to Make FadeOut Animation inwards Android

Create an anim folder inwards res/ directory as well as besides practise fade_out_animation.xml file inwards res/anim/ directory as well as house the next content.


XML Layout File


Java Activity File


Strings.xml File


Now, operate your android fade out animation application as well as click the Fade Out Animation button.


 you lot volition larn to brand fade out animation inwards android application Fade Out Animation inwards Android
Android FadeOut Animation

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