Partition Find and Mount Pro v2.3 + Serial

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When your hard drive fails or you accidentally delete the wrong partition, all you want is to get all your data back. While recovering the lost files might be deemed impossible by less-experienced users, some software can actually get everything back with little to no effort.
Partition Find and Mount is one of those apps that fall into this category. The software basically locates and mounts partitions into the system, thus making them available like any generic disk volume.
Scanning of your drive is done quite fast, but it does depend on its size. For example, a 500GB disk got scanned in under 10 minutes. Larger or damaged HDDs might require more time.
Partition Find and Mount can work even if any Boot Record is missing, damaged or overwritten, including the Master Boot Record. These are areas on your hard drive that contain all information about your partitions and, if erased or damaged, you can lose access to the data on your computer.
Found partitions can be mounted to the system as read-only disk volumes. These can then be accessed as any other similar drives, which is enough for you to copy the files you thought were lost.
However, the software has some limitations, as it may not work if the file system on the partition or the hard drive itself is damaged beyond recovery.
All in all, Partition Find and Mount is an app that can come in handy once in a while, working with the assumption that your drives don’t fail on a daily basis. The software works well and the interface is easy enough to understand that even less experienced users shouldn’t have problems with figuring out how to run it.
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