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SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM is known as a browser hijacker which gains access into computer surreptitiously without asking for any consent. Being one of the computer users affected by SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM, it is necessary to figure out where and how this stuff comes. In general, there are ways can be taken by SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM, which include malicious link, game, spam email attachment, porn site and free downloading program. To avoid SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM, users must be closely attentive, especially for those bundles packed with free application. From what can be seen on the website, SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM is seemingly to offer convenience on Internet experience. However, it is a trouble resource to drag user into deep annoyance. Under its disturbance, user may get redirected to suspicious website which tries to trick you into downloading new version application. If so, you will bring in other malignant malware which would lead to a series of severe problems. SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM is so nasty a nuisance that it will not just modifies browser settings, but also takes over all homepages including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge etc. And because of the adding extension, SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM may follow the trail of your visiting website and collect precious information away. Hence, to get computer into full protection, SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM should be removed as quickly as possible.


(Windows Users) Part 1 – Eliminate SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM Totally (Auto and Manual Removal)

(Note: Mac Users Read Part 2, Please)


Step 1. Scan your entire computer with SpyHunter to remove the insidious SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM (this is the most important step)

SpyHunter Anti-malware is one of the best security tool for Windows computer. Its Real-Time Protection feature will give you an ultimate security with the ability to scan the computer system, detect and removal any type of malware and virus. More over, it also provides technical help from the pioneer security experts. One thing that makes SpyHunter best in the business is that it can help computer users defeat the newest computer threats automatically and easily. Now get SpyHunter to heal your computer now:

 1. Click the below Download Button to obtain Spyhunter, then double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe and follow its instructions to install it:

2.  Once SpyHunter is successfully installed, it will automatically launch. You need to click Scan Your Computer Now to detect SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM and other potential threats.

  4. Remove all the detected threats and potentially unwanted programs by clicking Fix Threats button

Step 2. Double-check your computer with Plumbytes Anti-Malware If you have tried SpyHunter but SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM is still on your computer, it’s necessary to recheck your system with a different tools which uses a different scanning codes. At this time, you’re recommended to double-check your computer with Plumbytes Anti-Malware in order to remove any leftover malware and virus traces. 

COM is known as a browser hijacker which gains access into computer surreptitiously withou SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM  Removal Help

1. Click the button below to download Plumbytes safely:

 2. Double-click antimalwaresetup.exe and follow its instructions to install Plumbytes.

  3. When Plumbytes is installed, please scan your entire computer to detect SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM and other hidden PC threats.

  4. Click Remove Now button to remove all detected threats once Plumbytes completes the scan.

Step 3 (Optional Step) – If some of your files are damaged or encrypted with Ransomware downloaded by SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM, we recommend you to install the following professional Data Recovery Tool to decrypt your files now:

COM is known as a browser hijacker which gains access into computer surreptitiously withou SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM  Removal Help


For Computer Experts: Manual Removal Process

Step 1. Stop the running process of SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM in Windows Task Manager.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and then click Start Task Manager
  2. Click Process tab, find and click on the related running process, and click End Process.

Step 2. Uninstall all unknown programs from computer control panel

On Win 7/Vista
1. You can access the Control Panel from the Start menu.

2. click the “Uninstall a program” link under the “Programs” category (In Icon view, click the “Programs and Features” icon)

3. Find out all unknown programs and applications related to SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM and remove them.
Note: Sometimes those malware infections may refuse to leave and display system errors. You can ignore those warnings and continue the next step.

 On Win 8
1. Move your mouse cursor to the right edge of your screen >> select Search >> type in Control Panel and click it

2.Click on the “Control Panel” from the Apps search results. In the opened window select “Programs and Features“.

3. In the Programs and Features window select all suspicious programs and click on the “Uninstall” button.

On Win 10
  Click on the Start menu >> Right click on the unwanted apps >> Click Uninstall 

Step 3. Open Registry Editor and delete all its related registry keys

  • Press windows key + R key together >> Type “regedit” and run it
  • You can see the registry editor now.

2.Find and delete malicious registry entries created by SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM 

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\MATS\WindowsInstaller\{EAF386F0-7205-40F2-8DA6-1BABEEFCBE89}\2014.] “ProductName”=”SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM ” [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\Muvic_RASAPI32] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Tracing\Muvic_RASMANCS] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{EAF386F0-7205-40F2-8DA6-1BABEEFCBE89}] “DisplayName”=”SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM” [HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3825580999-3780825030-779906692-1001\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{50f25211-852e-4d10-b6f5-50b1338a9271}] “DisplayName”=”SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM”

Step 4. Check your Browser settings and remove all suspicious plug-ins, toolbars, add-ons, extensions from Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari

For Chrome

  1.Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
2.Click Tools.
3.Select Extensions.
4.Click the trash can icon by the extension you’d like to completely remove (related to SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM).
 5.A confirmation dialog appears, click Remove.

  For Firefox

  1. Click the menu button and choose Add-ons. The Add-ons Manager tab will open.
2.In the Add-ons Manager tab, select the Extensions or Appearance panel.
3. Select the add-on you wish to remove.
4. Click the Remove button.
5. Click Restart now if it pops up. Your tabs will be saved and restored after the restart.

  For Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer;
2. Press Alt+T, or Click on Gear Icon in the right-top corner;
3. Click Manage Add-ons;
4. Select Toolbars and Extensions;
5. Find unwanted add-ons and Click Disable ;
6. Click More information button;
7. Click Remove

(Mac Users) Part 2 – Get Rid of SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM from Mac OS

Mackeeper is a professional virus malware remover that can remove all forms of stubborn computer infections from Mac OS. It will help you get rid of SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM quickly, and will protect machine in the future.

 1. Click the button below to download Mackeeper scanner and install it by following the set up wizard

COM is known as a browser hijacker which gains access into computer surreptitiously withou SEARCH.HEMAILLOGINNOW.COM  Removal Help

  2. Uninstall malicious apps with Smart Uninstaller

   3. Use Internet Security to scan the whole system and then clean up all harmful items: