In this tutorial, you will learn to implement an effective and user friendly share action to android app. You can add android share action anywhere in your app. Here I have added share action in actionbar/toolbar and on button’s click event. If user clicks the

In this tutorial, you will learn to hide and show Toolbar/AppBarLayout while scrolling the content/screen like Google play music, play store. If your application/game requires more space then you can hide toolbar on scroll. You can also do same thing for TabLayout also if you

Android tab is one of the mostly used and important user interfaces (UI) design. Tabs are mostly used at the top with appbar or toolbar or actionbar. Sometime it is used at the bottom of application. In essence, the entirety of tab screens is Fragments,

Android provides a Drag and Drop framework, which lets the users to move data or view or layout from one position to another within the same android layout. This drag and drop framework includes drag listeners, drag event class, helper class and methods. In this

ActionBar is also known as app bar, now it is also called toolbar. ActionBar is one of the most important UI elements in android application. We can add many things in android action bar like tabs, overflow/dropdown menu, app icon, navigation drawer, menu items icon,

Android menus are important and common user interface component. Menus are used in many types android application. Menus can be used in different place, different ways and different style. We can customize menus according to our needs. Previously we are posted some tutorials about android

Android action bar has powerful functions like adapting to screen configurations, adding option menu, search view, sharing, navigation between the screens, tabs, drop down option, etc. In this tutorial, you will learn to implement search view in android action bar. Search can be handled by

To make animated android toolbar with background image is easy to make by using android design support library. Toolbar is not the part of design support library but need to use with other components like CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout, CollapsingToolbarLayout, etc. In this tutorial, you will learn

Android design support library makes us easier to create some amazing animations with less code. Nowadays lots of android applications use Toolbar instead of ActionBar/AppBar because it has lots of functions and we can easily customize according to our needs. To make parallax Toolbar, expandable/collapsible

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to implement badge (notification count) to android ActionBar item icon. Badge is used to show notification, message and item count like in supping app or website. Adding badge in android action bar is tricky part. You