Best Photo Editor Apps for Android & iOS – Today everyone uses smartphone to take a photo(picture) & we spend extra time for shine his photo before sharing with the friends and family. There are many Android apps in the PlayStore and iOS that will

Best Video Converter Apps for Android 2018 – Today many Android phones come good quality camera and capable of shooting 4K or full HD videos in great quality. But to create an eye-catching video you need the best video converter app that makes your video

In this android zoom out tutorial, you will learn to implement Zoom out animation in android application using XML and little bit java code. Android view animation is the basic animation in android and also easy to implement in application. Android animation can be used

Android ImageButton displays a button with an image not as text. ImageButton is similar to normal button, ImageButton have all the properties of normal button and we can onClick Listener like in the normal button. In this tutorial, you will learn to use ImageButton in

In this tutorial, you will learn to display the current time using TextClock widget in android application. This widget is introduced in API level 17. You can specify the format pattern 12 hour time format or 24 hour time format and also specify the time

Android TextView allows you to display text in android application. In this tutorial, you will learn to use TextView in android and set the text color, gravity center, make text bold and change the size of font. Related: Programmatically Align Android TextView in the Center

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to use android CheckBox in android application. CheckBox is a two state button that user can select or unselect. Users can check one or more option from a set. Following is the simple steps to show

In this tutorial, I am going to show how to use switch button in android application. A Switch is a two-state button through which only two states ON and OFF can be selected and it is one of the most use android user interface (UI) component

SeekBar is the extension of ProgressBar in android. In this tutorial, I am going to show how to customize android SeekBar. There are lots of ways to customize SeekBar and here I have mentioned idea to customize SeekBar with the help of XML. To control

In android, a SeekBar is the extension of ProgressBar. User can touch and drag to left or right to select the correct value. To control the event handling method for SeekBar you have to use seekBar.setOnSeekBarChangeListener(………….). In this tutorial, I am going to show how