In this tutorial, you will learn to add links in text/content in android application using linkify. You can add links in text like email address, website url. You can add html tag to make text clickable with links i.e. <a>Android Tutorial</a>. Related: How to

Android ListView is a view group that displays several items in vertical scrollable list and it helps you to display repeating data in the form of scrollable list. ListView is widely used in android applications. In this simple android ListView tutorial, you will learn to

In this tutorial, you will learn to display rating bar in android application. RatingBar helps users to give rate by drag, touch and click on the stars. In android, using RatingBar it’s very easy to get user rating. Here, I have used a rating bar,

In this tutorial, I will show how to use android radio buttons in android application. A RadioGroup is used for a set of radio buttons and radio buttons allow the users to select one option among many options. Normally, both RadioGroup and radio buttons are

Opening and installing Google PlayStore android applications programmatically from your own application is very easy. So in this tutorial, I am going to show how to open and install google play store apps from your application. If you have developed multiple android application then you

Android ListView is a view group which is used to display many items in vertical scrollable list. And the android list view items are automatically inserted to the list using an Adapter. Displaying element in a listview is mostly used in android application. The users

Expandable layout is useful to show details content when user clicks on the button or view or layout or any areas on the application. In this tutorial, you will learn to implement expandable and collapsible layout or view or widget with material design color and

Alert dialog is one of the important user interfaces (UI) design component in android application. An alert dialog box is a small window where users decide some decision or enter some information. If you want to display an alert dialog box to your application with

Sometimes you need to close/exit your application without using hardware if any exception occurs. In this tutorial, you will learn to close/exit your android application programmatically. While closing your application when any exception occurs it is better to show an error message at first and